This is a great presentation (which actually reads like a book) providing a number of excellent ideas for using educational technology to improve student learning and experiences.  A group of 35 experts from around the world, both in education and the private sector, were asked “What are the most effective uses of technology in online and mobile education?”   

What emerged from their responses was a surprise. Taken individually, the essays provide a rich variety of perspectives demonstrating the use of mobile and online technology in and out of the classroom. Each essay provides insights on how educators can get the most out of the content, tools, and networks available to them. However, if you take a step back and view the essays in the eBook as a whole, an important and surprising theme emerges. Simply put, the experts are telling us that the entire educational system is at a tipping point. Within a few years, professors, teachers, and campuses won’t be at the center of learning. Instead, rapid advances in mobile and online tools, social networks, and content are putting students in that position.

What exactly does this shift from instructor centric to student-centric learning mean? Basically, everything we know about education changes. As technology continues to fuel this shift, educators will need to embrace their new role as coaches, and learners will have to step up and take responsibility for driving their learning. But learners won’t be alone: On their journey, they’ll be accompanied by people who know far more and far less. They’ll be teachers and students, they’ll receive and provide feedback, they’ll get help and give help, and they’ll learn that learning is all about a dynamic collection of global and interpersonal relationships.  (Studio B Productions, Inc.,

There are some great ideas in this ebook to inspire educators.  I highly suggest downloading the PDF file from SlideShare.  If you do not have a SlideShare account (required for download) please email me directly.