The Centre is delighted to announce the successful recipients of Vancouver Island University’s Recognition of Achievement in Teaching and Learning.

Please join us in congratulating Belinda Williams, Carla Tilley, and Marilyn Funk!

A celebration event will take place on Friday, October 26 at which Marilyn, Carla, and Belinda will also share with colleagues some of the activities which the Selection Committee were keen to celebrate as excellent examples of teaching and learning practice. Click here to sign up.

This year marked the inaugural round of applications to the program, which is an opportunity for faculty at VIU to reflect on their activity in one of four categories, and gain VIU-wide recognition for the work that they have done. The categories –  Student Engagement and Learning, Design of Learning Experiences, Scholarly Reflection and Inquiry, and Leadership and Community – each represent an aspect of the work that faculty undertake here at VIU.

Carla, Belinda, and Marilyn each chose a different area to focus on.

In Carla’s application for recognition of her Scholarly Reflection and Inquiry, the Selection Committee was impressed with the depth of engagement she demonstrated, and her scholarly approach to her practice. Striking is the breadth of experience that Carla presented across a career, and how that context and narrative situate her current work here at VIU.

In Belinda’s application for recognition in Leadership and Community, What stood out were the various ways in which she has taken the opportunity to step outside of her role to develop new initiatives and supports, provide opportunities, and to encourage colleagues to develop their own teaching practice.

In Marilyn’s application to Design of Learning Experiences, her reflective, considered, and forward-looking approach to her practice was striking. Marilyn’s ability to distill and capture her learning for application in future teaching scenarios reveal her practice to be well-grounded, thorough, and holistic.

Congratulations Carla, Belinda, and Marilyn!

You can learn more about the Recognition of Achievement program on the Centre for Innovation and Excellence web pages, or by emailing us at