Gather Feedback from Students Using VIULearn Surveys

As we explore new tools in a world of alternate course delivery, we understand that many of you will also be looking to collect feedback from your students: either to confirm what’s working, or to focus your innovations and refinements.

In support of those efforts, we have created a survey for use in VIULearn. It is easily imported into any course shell, and is therefore protected within your VIULearn course. Student responses are anonymized, but even so, if you administer a survey at the end of the semester we encourage you to wait until final grades are in before reviewing your final feedback.

We’d be happy to hear from you if you find the survey useful, and we welcome conversations about what you learn from your students. These data might, in fact, shine a light on areas where we can provide more support to the wider community as we plan for the future. Please email us with your insights at

To download a zipped folder that can be imported directly into VIULearn, click on the link below.

The following video will walk you through importing a survey and sharing it with your students. If you have any technical challenges or questions, please contact CIEL at