Begun in 2018, the VIULearn Course Cleanup is something CIEL completes each July to remove old courses (anything more than two years past the course end date) from VIULearn. Removing old courses minimizes the amount of student data retained in our system and to cleans up the interface for instructors and administrators.  

This year, we will not be removing any courses. Instead, the courses scheduled to be removed this summer will be removed in July 2021 along with the courses originally scheduled to be removed at that time. 

What does this mean for me?

You can still (and we would highly recommend you do) take a backup of your completed courses. Steps to do that can be found here. But we will not be removing any courses from VIULearn this summer. 

You will retain access to your courses, and they may continue to appear under My Courses on your VIULearn homepage. If you do not wish to see these courses under My courses, you can unpin these courses to hide them from immediate view. Steps for pinning and unpinning courses can be found here

What will students see?

By default, all courses in VIULearn have an end date set for three months after the last scheduled day of that semester. After the course end date passes, students can no longer see the course in VIULearn. For the most part, students are not affected by the Course Cleanup because they have long lost access to the materials that are being removed. 

If you have removed the course end date form any of your Fall 2017 through Intersession 2018 courses, students who are still active VIU students will continue to be able to access these courses until July 2021. If you have any questions about how to change the start or end date for your courses, please email 

July 2021 Course Cleanup 

The following semesters will be permanently removed from VIULearn in July 2021: 

  • Fall 2017, 2018 
  • Year 2017, 2018 
  • Continuous Intake 2017, 2018
  • Spring 2018, 2019
  • Intersession 2018, 2019
  • Summer (May and June) 2018, 2019

It is strongly recommended that all instructors take an offline backup of their courses well in advance of July 2021 to avoid losing any content. If you need assistance with this process, please contact CIEL at and we will be happy to support you.