A New Login Page

Starting July 23, 2020, the process for VIU Students and Employees signing in to VIULearn will change slightly to take advantage of Single Sign On. Watch the video below to see what the new sign in process will look like. 

Your username and password are not changing. Students will enter their student number with no spaces or dashes as their username. Employees can choose whether to use their VIU username or their institutional email address instead of their username.

If you are having trouble logging in to VIULearn, or any other online tool at VIU, you may need to reset your password. Information on how to reset your password for both students and employees can be found here: https://technology.viu.ca/help/forgot-password 

No More Anonymous Email 

As you will know if you’ve received email in VIULearn, the name of the person sending you email from VIULearn is not automatically included. For students (and some employees) this means that emails sent through VIULearn display only an email address (for example VIUD2L_1234567@d2l.viu.ca) and not a name. This can make it very challenging to know who has sent you a message unless the email is signed.

Starting July 31, when anyone (student or employee) sends an email from VIULearn, their first and last name will appear along with their email address. (for example: Jane Doe <VIUD2L_1234567@d2l.viu.ca >). This setting will apply to all users in VIULearn, making it possible for students and employees to see the first and last name for anyone who sends them an email from VIULearn.

This change is designed to make it easier for all members of the VIU community to communicate through the VIULearn email tool.


If you have any questions about these changes, please contact learnsupport@viu.ca 

This post was updated on July 24, 2020 to reflect a change to how users enter their username. As of July 24, 2020, users no longer need to enter viu\ before their username when logging in through SSO.