Learning to Learn Online: An Open Educational Resource (OER) for Students and Instructors

For months now, members of the CIEL have been shouldering questions about how to help students be effective online learners. Now, thanks to some student authors and the power of Pressbooks, the world of higher education is privy to a timely resource that provides tips for students (and instructors!) as they continue to transition to more online learning environments.

The OER Pressbook was created by University of Windsor students “to help ease the shift from a traditional classroom setting to an online environment.” There are six short chapters (quick reads) addressing a variety of topics for the emergent (or seasoned) online learner. These topics include time management, professionalism and communication skills, social connectivity, academic integrity, and motivation. There are also short quizzes that can be taken at the end of each chapter, and a list of useful resources included toward the end of the book.

Overall, it’s a handy little resource that could be incorporated in a variety of ways into just about any online course this fall. For example, it could be a required reading in the early days of a course and surrounded by a release condition to ensure students access it.

Learning to Learn Online: https://ecampusontario.pressbooks.pub/learnonline/