Survey Your Students in VIULearn

The Early Feedback Survey is now available in VIULearn. VIU faculty members are invited to use this tool to capture information—anonymously—on how students are responding to your course. The survey is already populated with a suite of questions tailored toward online learning. You can preview the questions in PDF form here.

This type of mid-course survey is especially useful in our current world of alternate course delivery, in which student are being asked to work with a variety of tools in a range of media, some of it quite unfamiliar.

Once loaded into your course, the Early Feedback Survey can be activated at any point of the semester. We encourage you to administer the survey around the midpoint of the course, or even earlier, as a way of capturing student perceptions of their experience at a moment when you still have time to respond to their concerns and make adjustments, especially if you find that some students are still struggling with the online learning experience.

This form can also be used to collect data from students when the course is finished, as part of your “Self-directed” professional evaluation process. Please note, however, that this survey is not designed to be an “evaluation” of your course. It is simply a confidential instrument that allows you, personally, to become more aware of student perceptions, for the purpose of professional reflection and development.

To download a zipped folder that can be imported directly into VIULearn, click on the link below.

The video below will show you how to import a survey into your course, share it with students, and how to view survey results. You’ll notice this video references a different survey than the one in this post, but the steps are the same.

Let us know what you think of this survey. We’d love to get your feedback. Please email us with your insights at