Watch the Student Technology Orientation anytime!

This year, we are running live webinars to introduce students to the learning technologies available at VIU while protecting the health and safety of everyone involved.

  • Are you unable to attend one of our live Student Technology Orientation webinars this spring but still want to see what tools are available & how to get support?
  • Are you already familiar with these tools but want to refresh your memory on your own time?

Not to worry – we recorded the orientation for you! You can watch it whenever is convenient & as many times as you’d like.

Use this link to view the video in another tab:

Do you still have questions?

What does CIEL (The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning) support?  

We support VIU students with learning technologies, including VIULearn, VIUTube, VIUBlogs (WordPress) and VIUOnline Rooms (Zoom). 
Contact CIEL by email ( or phone (1-250-740-6179) for support with these tools.

How do I access VIULearn, VIUTube, and VIUBlogs?  

Step 1: Create your VIU Computer Account Password  

You use your VIU Computer Account password to login VIULearn, VIUTube, and VIUBlogs.

This page on the IT department’s website has steps to guide you through creating your account. If you have any difficulty creating your account, contact the VIU IT Helpdesk:

Step 2: Login

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Go to VIULearn / Go to VIUTube / Go to VIUBlogs to access that tool
  3. Use your Student Number as your username & your VIU Computer Account password to login 

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of logging in to VIULearn:
Use this link to view the video in another tab:

How can I prepare to use learning technologies at VIU?  

Register for the self-paced VIULearn Student Orientation 2020-2021 course in VIULearn 

Your instructors may use VIULearn for course content and activities. This orientation course is self-paced, and will show you how to navigate VIULearn to view content, adjust your settings, & complete activities. Follow the steps on this page to register for the VIULearn Student Orientation 2020-2021 course.

Download the Zoom application

Your instructors may use VIUOnline Rooms (powered by Zoom) for class meetings. For the best experience, download the application for your phone, computer and/or tablet.

How can I access academic support or contact other support departments? 

Visit VIU’s Learning Matters site to access learning resources, and to find contact information for other support areas at VIU.

Why do I see information about VIU policies instead of my courses when I login to VIULearn?

Starting in Spring 2021, you will see a terms and conditions page when you login to VIULearn for the first time.

You must accept the terms and conditions to access your My Home page & your VIULearn courses. Once you accept them, you will not see this page again until the policies change or a new semester has started.

Watch this video for more information:
Use this link to watch the video in another tab:

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