What’s New in Zoom? – Share Screen from Main Session to Breakout Rooms

Zoom is frequently updating and adding new features and functionality to the platform. With version 5.10.0, the host or co-host of a meeting can share their screen from the main session directly into all open breakout rooms. This will allow instructors to share visual information (such as Word Documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more) to students in breakout rooms all at once, guiding them on the next steps or tasks they need to complete.

How do I get access to this feature?

Both the Host (instructor) and any participants in the meeting (students) will need to have version 5.10.0 of the Zoom application installed on their device.

If you do not have the Zoom application installed on your device yet, you can download the Zoom application on Zoom’s website

If you do already have the Zoom application installed, then you can check for any updates and install the latest version of Zoom by following the instructions on Zoom’s website.

Please note that both Hosts and Participants will need to have at least version 5.10.0 of the Zoom application installed on their device in order to join a Zoom meeting. If users do not have this version installed, they will be prompted to update their client when they try to join a meeting and will need to wait for the update to complete before entering the meeting.

How do I share my screen to all breakout rooms?

Once the breakout rooms have been open, the host or co-host can share their screen from the main session room to all open breakout rooms by following these steps:

  1. Click Share Screen in the meeting controls.
  2. Enable the Share to breakout rooms option along the bottom of the share window.
  3. Choose what you would like to share:
    1. (Optional) Click the Share Sound option as well to include audio with the shared content.
  4. Click Share.

The selected content will be shared to all breakout rooms. Any active shares in any breakout rooms will be interrupted for the host’s/co-host’s shared screen.

You can also view a video tutorial of these instructions below:

The most up to date instructions and information about Managing Breakout Rooms can be found on Zoom’s website.

Additional Questions?

If you have further questions about Zoom, please contact the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning. You can reach us by email (learnsupport@viu.ca) or phone (250-740-6179)