VIUTube: Please Check Your Media

The new VIUTube platform is now fully set up for all students and employees at VIU. If you had media on VIUTube prior to July 2022, it should now be visible in the Manage Media area of the new VIUTube. Migration is an automated process and there is always the possibility that something will not have been imported as expected. Please check your media collection and report any missing media or any other concerns you have as soon as possible by emailing

Where to Find Migrated Media 

The media content brought over from our old platform will be located in a separate folder within your collection on VIUTube. 

  1. Go to and log in with your VIU account 
  2. Click the VIUTube link in the navigation bar 
  3. Select the folder titled with your username. This folder should contain all migrated media. 

To ensure your media has all copied over as expected, you can compare this collection to the information on the old VIUTube platform (available only until September 30, 2022).

  1. Go to 
  2. Log in with your VIU account 

Student Media

Student media has been moved to a centralized administrator account in the new VIUTube and will need to be manually migrated to users by CIEL staff. If you have students who have VIUTube content please encourage them to reach out to us at to have their content migrated and to get answers to any questions they have about the new platform. 

Updating Links and Embed Codes 

Now that your media has been migrated, you can begin replacing old links and embedded videos in your VIULearn course, VIUBlogs site, or anywhere else you may have shared VIUTube media. You can also submit a list of the precise locations of your media that needs to be replaced to and CIEL staff will assist with updating your video content. 

Click below to see steps for replacing links in various places in your VIULearn course or VIUBlogs site. 

VIUTube Retention Process 

Media on the new VIUTube platform will be retained according to the new VIUTube retention process. Please review this process on our website. As you are reviewing your migrated media you may want to add tags to indicate media that can be deleted or should be exempt from that process. 

Have Questions?

CIEL staff are happy to answer questions you may have about this change and how you can prepare for it. You can contact us at