Course Prep Week 2024: Hands On Curriculum Support for Faculty

Join us for Course Prep Week 2024: Hands On Curriculum Support for Faculty, May 8-10

We hope that you will join us as we provide focused learning opportunities including course refresh, consultations with technology and pedagogy specialists, workshops on key aspects of course design and the opportunity to interact with your colleagues who are working on the same things. 

The three day schedule for Course Prep Week is posted below. To register click on the Read More button next to the name of the sessions you are interested in. Coffee will be provided for you throughout the day, as will a quiet place to work, power for your devices, and access to the CIEL team. We encourage you to bring your lunch and enjoy some informal lunch time learning with colleagues.   

All activities will take place in Building 305 on the fifth floor.  

Wednesday, May 8




Thursday, May 9




Friday, May 10

This day will be reserved for one-on-one consultations and independent course development work. CIEL will provide work spaces where you and your colleagues can work on your course materials away from the distractions of your office.

CIEL technology and pedagogy specialists will be on hand to have consultations and answer questions that come up. We can either extend the work you were doing on the previous two days or discuss another of your teaching and learning goals.

There will be a sign up sheet with time slots for consultations available in B305 R509 throughout Course Prep Week to allow you to sign up to talk with one of the CIEL team. Sign ups will be first come first serve.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the Course Prep Week event, please get in touch by emailing

Have questions or want to book a consultation with one of our pedagogy or technology specialists?