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The Share Drive (Episode 19): What Went Well and Why I Feel a Little Guilty (Martin L. Martens, Management and Law)

In a time when many of us were seeking strategies to pivot our face to face classes to online delivery, Martin L. Martens (Chair, Management and Law) was feeling a little bit guilty. It turns out that his face to… Continue Reading →

The Pandemic Broke Our Teaching: Now what?

A Zoomside Chat, hosted by CIEL on Thursday, February 25 @ 3pm A lot has changed in the world of teaching and learning over the past few months. Some of us have been energized by this new reality. Others can’t… Continue Reading →

The Share Drive Episode 11: Evandra Panych: Instructional Design for Dinner

Evandra Panych, an alumni of the CIEL’s course redesign “sailing,” shares her process in designing and teaching an online course in the interior design program. Evandra acknowledges how challenging it was for her to redesign a practical, lab-based course for… Continue Reading →

Synchronous vs Asynchronous: What is the best blend?

As we continue to live in the world of Alternative Delivery, we are often asked “how much of my online course should be synchronous and how much should be asynchronous?”. There is no magic ratio that will work for every… Continue Reading →

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