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Blogging in the “global Common Room”

I really liked the recent description of academic blogging as the creation of a “global Common Room”. Maybe it’s the memory of my two sabbatical terms spent in England, where the Common Room tradition was still alive and well…for our… Continue Reading →

Join other B.C. Nursing Educators for a webinar on Developing a Scholarly Project in Nursing

InspireNet Nurse Educators’ Scholarship Team Webinar Journey to Develop a Research Project November 25 3:30-4:30pm Presenters: Members of Collegial Relationships Research Team ►Sessions are recorded and archived on their team’s eCoP. Interested in attending via webinar or reviewing the recording? Three… Continue Reading →

Have you used InspireNet to network with other B.C. nurses or Nursing Educators?

There is a good article on online professional networking for B.C. Nurses in InspireNet in the recent proceedings of Use of Social Media and Web 2.0 Technologies to Increase Knowledge and Skills of British Columbia Nurses Health professionals’ use of… Continue Reading →

A Memo from the Faculty PLNNet future

The Faculty PLNNet project was introduced via a concept outline in the previous post. Here is another way to think about it, as a “memo from the future” to new faculty several years from now when we are past the… Continue Reading →

Introducing the Faculty PLNNet (“planet”) project

In the Faculty PLNNET project we are beginning to explore how Faculty Professional Learning and Knowledge Networks can enhance teaching and learning at VIU in two complementary ways: develop student capability to engage in professional learning through knowledge networks, and… Continue Reading →

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