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Tine Reimers is a Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Specialist at VIU's Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning. She enjoys working with people who are trying to change—their teaching, their professional focus, their goals—but are still looking for ways to get started. This interest in mentoring for change comes from a career of changing her own professional focus several times along the way! She enjoys watching clients’ projects take shape, seeing how they gain confidence—in the classroom and in their lives—and how student learning improves as a result. These interests have taken Tine from running an international language school, to being a university professor, to a career of coaching faculty from all disciplines. For over 2 decades now, she has taught university-level classes and worked with faculty who are engaged in vibrant conversations on how to further their students’ learning.

Video Quizzes for Formative Assessment

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “Quizzes are so boring! And if they are boring for me, what about my students?

If so, video quizzes may be what you’re looking for! They can help you vary the basic question format, target higher level learning and reinforce your formative assessment options.

Creating Purpose by Letting Students Frame the Questions

For our final blog post on Purposeful Assignments, we spoke with Sandra Johnstone from VIU’s Earth Science Department. Sandra Johnstone’s fourth year Earth Science class was about climate change, and the first thing she did was to have the whole… Continue Reading →

Purposeful Assignments: Encouraging Choice, Relevance and Creativity through Portfolios

In our first blog post on Purposeful Assignments, we laid out some ways you could know if you had created a purposeful assignment for your students. In this post, we are going to look at two variations on a portfolio assignment. We spoke to two instructors (Sylvie Lafrenière and Beth Mclin) and they shared the details of their assignments as well as some of the reasoning behind choosing these assignments and their assessment methods.

Design Purposeful Assignments

As we all navigate new ways of teaching and learning, we at the CIEL are hearing a lot of stress from both students and faculty around major assignments. This isn’t all because of hybrid and online learning. Assignments that carry a large percentage of a grade have always been a source of stress for both faculty and students.

Teaching with Empathy in the Time of COVID19

We are in uncharted waters, have been dumped in very suddenly: and the water’s cold!  All of us—students, faculty and staff—have had our lives upended by the COVID19 virus: schedules have been revamped; kids are home from school; we’re self-isolating… Continue Reading →

August 2019 VIU New Faculty Orientation to Teaching

On August 27th, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence offered its bi-annual New Faculty Orientation to Teaching (NFOT) to 30 new faculty at VIU.  This day-long session is offered to “new and kind of new” faculty within their first two… Continue Reading →

Join us for the New Faculty Orientation to Teaching!

Join us!  Meet with VIU colleagues, learn more about the students we have at VIU, and connect with the staff who are ready to help with your teaching questions. The event is built around lively discussions with other new (and… Continue Reading →

What is the BSN Partnership for Student Learning Initiative?

The BSN Partnership consists of Bachelor of Science in Nursing faculty members and students who have formed a collaborative team (representing all four years of the program) focused on finding new ways to engage students in thinking critically about nursing… Continue Reading →

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