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How Students Influence Your Teaching Style

by Doris Carey, Teaching Faculty Member, Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation Much of the literature on teaching and learning styles came from pop culture magazine surveys that concluded that you had a visual style of you liked to look… Continue Reading →

The Presentation Problem

by Anna Atkinson, Teaching Faculty Member, English Department, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, VIU Some years ago, the English Department undertook an exit survey of its graduating students. In that survey, one of the things that surfaced struck my colleagues… Continue Reading →

The Tension between “What” and “How” in Teaching

by Bryan Webber, Teaching Faculty Member, Faculty of Management, VIU I have come to believe that living in the ongoing tension between the “what” and the “how” is of critical importance to me as an educator. I always need to… Continue Reading →

What to say about teaching and learning?

by Rob Ferguson, Teaching Faculty Member and Co-Chair, Department of Recreation and Tourism Management, Faculty of Management, VIU What to say about teaching and learning?  For me, linking these two terms with ‘and’ has always seemed somewhat problematic. The English… Continue Reading →

Cell Phone Obsession—Are Students Paying Attention Anymore?

by Andrea Noble, Online Course Support Assistant, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning (CIEL), VIU “To be physically alone is still relatively easy, but many of us struggle daily to turn off e-mail, computers, or cell phones. For many… Continue Reading →

Skeletons as Learning Tools

by Wendy Simms, Technician, Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology, VIU Every two years, the VIU Biology Department offers a course called Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (Biology 358). Part of the laboratory component of this course requires students to rearticulate an… Continue Reading →

Motivating Students: Resources for Faculty to Engage Learners

One of the most frequent questions I get in my role working with faculty is on the topic of motivation. How to motivate the ‘unmotivated’ student? How to engage students when all existing strategies have failed to engage? How to… Continue Reading →

Metacognitive Teaching Strategies: Ways to Help Students Learn about Learning

This past week I hosted a community of practice group for teaching faculty members on the topic of metacognition. They were asked to skim/read over a variety of articles/videos/web summaries (see for the resources). We then made a list… Continue Reading →

Metacognition: Valuable Resources on Thinking about Thinking

  I am fascinated by the field of metacognition. I am fascinated by this notion of ‘learning how to learn’ because I don’t think I really understood learning until I became a teacher. I know I didn’t understand the learning… Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Courage to Teach

I have just read The Courage to Teach by Parker J. Palmer, an incredibly powerful text reflecting on the essential role of the teacher. The book calls for inward reflection on behalf of teachers to examine their own motives and… Continue Reading →

TEACH – Primetime TV Show Showcases Teachers

Rarely do you find primetime television spending two hours showcasing the struggles of teachers and providing an indepth view of what it is like (really like) to be an elementary or secondary teacher in today’s classrooms while experiencing meaningful learning… Continue Reading →

Developing + Designing a Comprehensive Course Outline (Syllabus)

Most often teaching faculty in higher education don’t receive much instruction or guidance on building a comprehensive course outline. Course outlines (or syllabi) are often passed down from one instructor to another with little discussion or explanation. Deans, chairs and… Continue Reading →

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