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Are You Ready to FLIP Your Classroom?

August 10, 2021 @ 9:00 am 4:00 pm

As we emerge from the pandemic, you might be in an experimental frame of mind, and ready to build on what you’ve learned through your remote teaching and learning experiences.  So, what if you “flipped” your classes and blended the best of online and face-to-face?  

You’d suddenly have a very different relationship with students—and they with your content. In the Flipped Classroom students get the necessary content outside of class through various media—and then use the face-to-face class meetings to work with peers, applying and working with the content. The mediated content can be either produced by you (edited lecture capture, video demos, animated slide shows, etc.) or adapted from existing sources, (TED, Khan Academy, YouTube, publisher videos, web sites, as well as texts). What you use will depend on the circumstances of your particular class. 

CIEL is looking for a few adventurous candidates for “Flipping the Classroom.” Participants in this project will join a one-day simulation-workshop on what it’s like to be a student in a flipped classroom, then receive targeted instructional and technology support as needed for mediatizing course content and designing what happens in flipped class meetings. 

Summary of the project 

This project has three components:

  1. Day-Long Immersion/Simulation (a flipped experience ON flipping). This is a suite of hands-on sessions on the pedagogy of the flipped classroom
  2. Trainings and studios on the use of various technologies 
  3. One-on-two’ consultations in CIEL teams of CTLS’ and LTSS’ 

The Immersion/simulation and the trainings on using various technologies would take place over one week. All participants would attend the simulation, then select the subsequent sessions based on their interests. Participants would also attend a ‘one-on-two’ session with a CIEL consultant team, to delve more deeply into individual specific concerns and needs. 

Date: Tuesday, August 10, 9:00 am –  4:00 pm, with technology sessions on Wednesday, August 11 and Thursday, August 12

Registration: https://viusurveys.limequery.com/997534?lang=en

Questions: ciel@viu.ca | Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning