Assessment that Makes Total Sense

The end point of your course is often an evaluated final project, a paper, a performance, an exam or a portfolio—all designed to tell you whether or not your students have met the course learning outcomes. But what keeps your students on track until then? What keeps them motivated and moving in a good direction? And what tells you and the students that it’s all working as planned? In this session we consider course design from the perspective of Assessment Coherence. We will look first at alignment of outcomes and evaluation, and then explore the critical role of “Classroom Assessments.” These are frequent, friendly exercises and activities that—with little or no work on your part—allow you to create an ongoing flow of information that tells you and your students whether they (and you) are headed in a positive direction. Join us to spend time working on your complete assessment plan—including both feedback and evaluation—for a course you are teaching. Or join us even if you are just looking for ways to create a more coherent journey for your students—one where all your students become adult, self-regulated partners in learning.