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Group Restricted Content

Are you interested in using the Groups tool in to create project discussion areas for students? Perhaps you have readings that only certain students should have access to, or what to release additional information for specific learners needing more support…. Continue Reading →

Embedding media in your D2L course

Video and other visual media enrich your course. Video allows your students to access material at their own pace – they have the power to pause, rewind and replay material as many times as they like. You could record your… Continue Reading →

Flipping PDFs!

I am always online, both at work and at home.  Admittedly, I spend way too much time online some days, but while there, I research and learn quite a bit in my area of interest – web development and related… Continue Reading →

Pushpins in D2L

I recently attended the D2L Regional Users Forum at the BCIT downtown campus in Vancouver and spent a couple of my sessions with a D2L trainer learning about some of the tips and tricks with D2L and came across a… Continue Reading →

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