Christine’s Grandmother’s Brownies

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Christine Gilbertson was born in Madison, Wisconsin.  At the age of five her parents moved the family south to Auburn, Alabama for a job. Christine shared that growing up in the sixties in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement was tough, especially coming from the North. Christine couldn’t wait to leave the South and go back to school in Madison.

When Christine first came to Canada she thought Canada was just spectacular, she said, “It was the most beautiful place on the Earth. It was just clear streams, mountains, gorgeous.”

Christine’s grandmother’s brownies are a family favorite that holds dear memories, “It brings back memories of my mother, really fond memories of my mother. And also it brings back memories of my grandmother.” Although Christine has never seen her grandmother make the recipe, it reminds her of her grandmother and her grandmother’s little parakeet she had in her kitchen.

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Grandma Parmentier’s Brownies

2 eggs (beaten)                                 2 squares chocolate (melted)

1 cup Sugar                                       1 cup walnuts (or pecans)* (chopped)

½ cup butter (melted)                     1 teaspoon vanilla

½ cup flour (sifted)                                      8” x 8” pan


Beat eggs, add sugar and stir well.  Add butter, then sifted flour.  Add remaining ingredients in order given.  Pour into greased square cake pan.  Bake in 3500 oven until dry on top, about 30 minutes.

Notes: “don’t overcook and use the exact 8×8 pan if you have one” Mom

*pecans alternative added by Mom

Mom got this recipe from her sister my Aunt Mary Ross who got it from their

Mother, Grandma Elizabeth Bakhenzen Parmentier.


Elizabeth Bakhenzen emigrated to Winnepeg, Manitoba from Holland with her husband John Parmentier in 1909.  After an unsuccessful attempt at farming they moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Elizabeth had 4 children; my mother, Margaret, was the 3rd born and her sister Mary the 2nd, her older sister.  Elizabeth was very warm, kind and welcoming and a wonderful cook and seamstress.  She was the homemaker and her husband was a carpenter-contractor in Kenosha.


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