Game Blog #2 – Not Quite Destiny

I went into this weekend expecting to play some more Destiny 2 with my friends and maybe put in some time on my backlog of RPG’s. Instead, around on the way to school Thursday, I found myself in an accident. The details of the said accident shall remain vague and undetailed to keep the anonymity required in this course but I will say the results of the accident have left me temporarily unable to fully use both hands.

Data Collection

  • Game name: Katamari Damacy – Sept 21st, 2004 – Developed by Namco
  • Time played: 2.5hrs
  • Game genre: Puzzle, Action
  • Days played: Sunday
  • Platform played on: PC (PCSX2) , PlayStation 2
  • Communities / Participants: Just Me, Myself, and I


I found Katamari Damacy last weekend when I was looking for my Nintendo 64, It was in a box with a ton of PlayStation 2 I had forgotten about like Ace Combat and Dark Cloud. It’s a nice game that only really requires your thumbs to play. Perfect for me given my current situation. It was quite enjoyable to sit back and relax while rolling a giant ball of stuff around getting bigger and bigger. You start out as a guy pushing around a small ball that things smaller than it sticks to, as you collect things the size of the things you can collect get bigger. Eventually, you can pick up people, cars, large buildings. It is by no means a complex game but it does have challenges and stats in each level.

When I started playing I just thought it was going to be a game to log some time with but it actually helped me relax which helped with the amount of pain I was in. There’s not a lot to say in terms of gameplay. The game does have really catchy and relaxing music though. Next time I play I will probably try to complete the game and beat some old high score. (:

Katamari Damacy Gameplay Video:

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