Game Blog #5 – Ghosts

This week, I played Ghost Recon: Wildlands with my friend from work. The tactical shooter is probably one of my favorite games of 2017. It has unique gameplay featuring an open world environment with both primary and secondary objectives in each mission as well as side missions.

Data Collection

Game name: Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Time played: 6hrs

Game genre: Tactical Shooter

Days played: Saturday, Sunday

Platform played on: PlayStation 4

Communities / Participants: Friend and I (2)

Self Reflection

I enjoyed playing Ghost Recon over the weekend, I like the third person playstyle while still being able to go into a first person view while shooting. When playing alone you are joined by a squad of AI soldiers which you can strategically control to take down targets. While this is nice, I feel the AI is underwhelming in its ability to be subtle, which is bad because stealth is a big part of the game. It is fun to drive around the open world map with your squad taking out various bad guys and helping the rebel forces though.

I was joined by my friend this weekend, we played online over PlayStation Network and it was nice but it was different than what we usually do. We usually go to each other’s houses and setup and extra screen and PS4 to play. When sitting in the same room, I find my response time to the things going on in the game is quicker. Playing remotely proved to be more challenging, we had to revive each other a lot more than usual. That is one of the nice things about Ghost Recon though if you die or get too injured then members of your squad can come revive you.

We mainly played the side missions, collecting new weapons and weapon customizations while helping the rebel forces, so we could level up. Leveling up allowed me to get some better abilities like more armor and better health regen after being revived. Other perks include things like Drone perks, Weapon perks, and then squad bonuses.

Overall, I think I played alright but could have done a lot better had we been playing in the same room where there is no delay in communication causing a breakdown in teamwork.

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