Game Blog #7 – Heartless

I wasn’t really sure what to play this week as I was quite busy but I ended up going back to one of my favorite game series, Kingdom Hearts.

Data Collection

Game name: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD Remaster)

Time played: 5.5hrs

Game genre: Action RPG

Days played: Saturday

Platform played on: PlayStation 4

Communities / Participants: Me (1)

Self Reflection

This week I decided to go back and play one of my favorite games from the PlayStation 2, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I picked up the HD Remake of it for the PlayStation 4. From the moment I started up the g, me I had a feeling of nostalgia for the days when I came home after school and played this. Having played this game before I felt like I should spend a while leveling up the main character Sora, on the starting island. It turned out that this was a good decision because the first boss in the game was quite a bit harder than I remembered. Eventually, I met up with our two side character, Donald and Goofy from the Disney Universe.

From here the game got a bit easier although, It felt like the remaster might have had some improvements made to the AI for Donald and Goofy. Suddenly, Donald and Goofy were actually being useful Non-Player Characters doing their jobs of attacking and supporting the party. I felt like I played well and was able to level each character at a decent rate while progressing at a reasonable pace.

Trailer for the Kingdom Hearts Series HD Remaster on PS4

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