Game Blog #11 – The End!

I had a bit of downtime this week and decided to set up my modded Minecraft server that my friends and I play on during the winter months. It’s a nice way to socialize at everyone’s leisure and enjoy some collaborative gameplay. I also enjoyed some more Crawl Game with my group.

Data Collection

Game name: Minecraft (Modded) / Crawl

Time played: 10hrs / 3hrs

Game genre: Sandbox / Dungeon Crawler

Days played: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Platform played on: PC

Communities / Participants:  3 friends and I / Project Team

Self Reflection

This week was a lot of fun, I played some more Crawl with my team for the Term Knowledge Quest group project and played lots of Minecraft. Minecraft is a relaxing game on its own but the possibilities that mods create for the player make it hard not to play for hours. Unlike with most games, I spend a few hours researching mods and mod packs when I set up a Minecraft server. Sometimes we play with simple mods that make the game more challenging and other times we play with mods that completely alter the game.

One of my favorite parts of Minecraft is how social the game is. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to play but it brings people together to collaborate and work together while still allowing solo play. When it comes to the base building I tend to focus on the solo aspect of the game but when it comes to combat and bosses I like to work with a group. I enjoy working with people but I prefer designing my own base. This week while my friends worked on building weapons and armor, I worked on building a rail system between our bases and The Nether.

Around the last hour of playing, we decided to go to The End to fight the Ender Dragon. This was a fun fight and it felt really satisfying to beat the Ender Dragon. It’s not a difficult boss but I am normally offline when someone beats it.

Example of Modded Minecraft – Direwolf20 Let’s Play Series

Author’s Note:

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and this has definitely made me feel the urge to get back into gaming. It’s a really nice way to relax and destress from school work.

Update: Forgot Works Cited — should be fixed on blogs #7-11.

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Game Blog #10 – Level Up!

I didn’t have a lot of time this week but during our group project meeting, Karth, Renquist and I played Crawl on Steam. Crawl is dungeon crawler style game with some interesting game mechanics.

Data Collection

Game name: Crawl

Time played: 3hrs

Game genre: Dungeon Crawler

Days played: Tuesday

Platform played on: PC

Communities / Participants: Karth, Renquist, I

Self Reflection

We played Crawl again this week, all three of us huddled around Renquist’s TV. We decided to play with a bot turned on to see if it was any different. Well, it turns out the AI is really good at this game and we are really bad in comparison, except Karth. Karth is very good at Crawl, spending most of his time as the living player while the rest of us are ghosts controlling monsters in each room. The game is essentially a dungeon crawler where the living player is the character trying to get to level 10 and beat the boss while the rest of the characters are ghosts that can spawn monsters to attack the player. It’s a really enjoyable game for small LAN parties which I find to be a much better experience than playing over the internet.

Overall, it was a good night filled with wings and gaming. Karth outplayed both Renquist and I but it was clear that everyone was having a good time. I could definitely see this becoming a weekly gathering.

Multiplayer Gameplay

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Game Blog #9 – Mix!

More Kingdom Hearts Final Mix this week! I forgot how much I enjoyed this game.

Data Collection

Game name: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD Remaster)

Time played: 4hrs

Game genre: Action RPG

Days played: Friday

Platform played on: Playstation 4

Communities / Participants: Me (1)

Self Reflection

Not a lot happened this week, I spent my time grinding in the Olympus Coliseum Arena, I really wanted to beat the tournament but I kept dying by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. I took away two-thirds of his health and then he would just get one good hit and I’d be done. I decided to keep trying so I could level up and beat him with ease before progressing through the story. It was a bit tedious but overall I think it will be worth the time. I want to collect all of the PlayStation network trophies for this game and I’m going to need to reach max level with all of my characters for that. While the lower level tournaments are tedious, the mid to upper-level tournament is a bit more exciting with better bosses. I felt like I played well but could have done better. As I played I realized that I really enjoy the combat for this game although the camera that follows the player is awful, and it was kind of fun to analyze the best ways to beat each enemy.

Olympus Colleseum Preliminaries Tournament

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Game Blog #8 – Goals

This week I picked up a copy of NHL 18, I have not played a hockey game since they were pixelated so I am looking forward to playing this one.

Data Collection

Game name: NHL 18 (EA Sports)

Time played: 6hrs

Game genre: Sports

Days played: Friday, Saturday

Platform played on: PlayStation 4

Communities / Participants: Me (1)

Self Reflection

I went into NHL 18 not expecting much more than updated graphics and smoother gameplay, I was quite surprised by the number of improvements made since the last NHL game I had played. I started out playing as the Toronto Maple Leafs and I did not do terribly well. I was not used to a game that relied so much on me controlling every character on the ice. I had to predict where players were going and pass or shoot at precise times in order to score. The first game did not go quite as planned and I lost 5-3.

I decided to spend some time in the training section of the game that lets the player practice each aspect of the game, shooting, passing, checking, and advanced skills like deeking.  I got the hang of most of them and won my next 2 games but I am still not very good at the advanced skills which require more precise controller use.

After spending a while playing as Toronto I decided to switch to the “Be a Pro” game mode. In this mode, the player creates their own hockey player and chooses what level to start their player at. I chose pre NHL draft, and played on a team until the draft and then was eventually drafted by the New Jersey Devils. When I created my character I chose to play center because I was good at faceoffs but by the time the draft came, I had become good at scoring.

Overall, this was a really satisfying way to spend my game time for the week and I will probably play much more of NHL 18.

NHL 18 – IGN Review:

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