Game Blog #8 – Goals

This week I picked up a copy of NHL 18, I have not played a hockey game since they were pixelated so I am looking forward to playing this one.

Data Collection

Game name: NHL 18 (EA Sports)

Time played: 6hrs

Game genre: Sports

Days played: Friday, Saturday

Platform played on: PlayStation 4

Communities / Participants: Me (1)

Self Reflection

I went into NHL 18 not expecting much more than updated graphics and smoother gameplay, I was quite surprised by the number of improvements made since the last NHL game I had played. I started out playing as the Toronto Maple Leafs and I did not do terribly well. I was not used to a game that relied so much on me controlling every character on the ice. I had to predict where players were going and pass or shoot at precise times in order to score. The first game did not go quite as planned and I lost 5-3.

I decided to spend some time in the training section of the game that lets the player practice each aspect of the game, shooting, passing, checking, and advanced skills like deeking.  I got the hang of most of them and won my next 2 games but I am still not very good at the advanced skills which require more precise controller use.

After spending a while playing as Toronto I decided to switch to the “Be a Pro” game mode. In this mode, the player creates their own hockey player and chooses what level to start their player at. I chose pre NHL draft, and played on a team until the draft and then was eventually drafted by the New Jersey Devils. When I created my character I chose to play center because I was good at faceoffs but by the time the draft came, I had become good at scoring.

Overall, this was a really satisfying way to spend my game time for the week and I will probably play much more of NHL 18.

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