Game Blog #9 – Mix!

More Kingdom Hearts Final Mix this week! I forgot how much I enjoyed this game.

Data Collection

Game name: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (HD Remaster)

Time played: 4hrs

Game genre: Action RPG

Days played: Friday

Platform played on: Playstation 4

Communities / Participants: Me (1)

Self Reflection

Not a lot happened this week, I spent my time grinding in the Olympus Coliseum Arena, I really wanted to beat the tournament but I kept dying by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. I took away two-thirds of his health and then he would just get one good hit and I’d be done. I decided to keep trying so I could level up and beat him with ease before progressing through the story. It was a bit tedious but overall I think it will be worth the time. I want to collect all of the PlayStation network trophies for this game and I’m going to need to reach max level with all of my characters for that. While the lower level tournaments are tedious, the mid to upper-level tournament is a bit more exciting with better bosses. I felt like I played well but could have done better. As I played I realized that I really enjoy the combat for this game although the camera that follows the player is awful, and it was kind of fun to analyze the best ways to beat each enemy.

Olympus Colleseum Preliminaries Tournament

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