Blended and Flipped Learning (Archived)

Strategies for enhancing student engagement and learning in class: Blending and Flipping

Date and Time

Thursday, March 12th,  2:30-4:00


Royal Arbutus Room, Building 300


Description of Session

Time spent with students in class is a valuable and limited commodity. Enabled by the affordances of technology to now provide easier access to course content, communication, collaboration and assessment activities, many instructors are (re)designing courses that seek to make the best possible use of class time for learning. Discussions around instructional strategies for blended and online learning, flipped classrooms and active learning are becoming more and more widespread across campuses.

But, as one of my colleagues has put it, ‘if you don’t lecture, what do you do?’ And how do you fit all the pieces of a course together? What about workload, for both faculty and students? What about student engagement with, or resistance to, such approaches? And where is the research evidence for the effectiveness of these strategies? This talk will attempt to provide answers to these questions, drawing on experience from my own teaching of large introductory science courses at UBC and previously in the UK, together with instructional methodologies that have become widely adopted.