Faculty Engagement Action Group

VIU Faculty Members: Piera Jung, Carleigh Randall, Rosemary Holley and Archna Acharya 

This group of VIU faculty members seek to find ways to engage their colleagues in conversation and sharing new ideas about teaching and learning. One of their initiatives involved the creation of a “Breakfast Club” which involved offering one hour early morning (7:30 – 8:30 a.m.) gathering on a variety of topics, over the course of the year on various dates. A hot and healthy breakfast is ordered, faculty are welcome to attend and a speaker shares 15 minutes on a topic and faculty then discuss and share experiences with a summary wrap up at the end. Anyone is welcome to attend. Invites come out via email about 3 weeks prior to each event.

The group has hosted a number of successful Breakfast Clubs on the following topics and dates:

  • Friday, August 29th: First Day of Class Ideas (Speaker: Liesel Knaack, Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning)
  • Tuesday, September 30th: Strategies to Engage Students Before, During and After Class (Speaker: Liesel Knaack, Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning)
  • Thursday, November 6th: Social Media and Learning (Speaker: Alanna Williams, Faculty
  • Thursday, January 29th: Diversity (Speakers: Toni Smith and Louis Mattar, VIU Faculty)
  • Monday, March 2nd: Case Studies (Speaker: Duane Weaver, Faculty of Management)

The group also conducted some informal feedback on the sessions and the times/dates that faculty preferred for future sessions.  During the February 24th retreat day the group worked on the following:

  • Phase 1  – Remaining Breakfast Clubs: Wednesday, May 6 (Mentoring)
  • Phase 2 – scholarly inquiry re: activities. Research on how Breakfast Club has changed teaching.  The hope is to seek REB approval in next months and have the proposal out in early spring, with plans to present findings at May T&L Conference
  • A request was made for a Council Share Drive to house information and make collaborative work more efficient