Council Membership

Membership is for 1-3 years to allow consistency with member actions and activities, as well as allowing faculty members to move on when they wish. Each year after February Retreat, any new openings will be available for Deans to fill as per their own format suitable to their Faculty. Members must be able to attend the 4 required days (May 11 +12, 2015; December 8, 2015 and February 23, 2015) along with 3-4 hours per month on Action Group activities.

2015-2016 Membership

  • Faculty of Health and Human Services – Rosemary Holley + Piera Jung
  • Faculty of Science + Technology – Tim Stokes
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Nancy Page, Katharine Rollwagen +Sasha Koerbler
  • Faculty of Social Sciences – for 2015-2106 no members
  • Faculty of Trades and Applied Technologies – Rita Gower + Archna Acharya
  • Faculty of Management – Bryan Webber
  • Faculty of Education – Rachel Moll + Louis Mattar
  • Faculty of International Education – Les Barclay
  • Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation – Lisa Lewis
  • Powell River Campus – Alison Taplay
  • Cowichan Campus – Rita Alton