Meeting Times + Format

There are three times during the school year to meet as a whole: in December for one day (between end of classes/start of exams), in February for one day (during Study Week) and a 2 Day Annual Retreat in early May ‒ to orient new members, set priorities, and form Action Groups for the coming  year. We expect the Council to meet as a whole to report Action Group progress and provide feedback on plans and activities, along with engaging in some professional development activity. These dates are required and all members must be able to meet for all the dates.

2015-2016 Council Dates

  • May Retreat: 2 days in May (May 11 + 12, 2015) – Beach Club, Parksville
  • December Retreat: 1 day (Dec 8, 2015) – Nanaimo Campus
  • February Retreat: 1 day (February 23, 2016) – Nanaimo Campus

Most of the Council member’s contributions come through “Action Groups” requiring approximately two to four hours a month.