The Tech’knowledge’y Tree page 2…Emergency Meeting

An emergency meeting was called after lessons were finished for the day. Cries rang throughout the room.

all arguments with pic

After some discussion, it was decided that a list of rules needed to be made and put into action. Starting immediately, students were not allowed to bring any of these new objects into the great building. Anyone found with one of these objects would be sent immediately to the wizards for punishment.

Although Cynthia was happy that the teachers had a plan, she still wondered where the students were finding these objects. The next day she asked a group of students about it. After some coaxing and convincing that they would not be in trouble, the students told her they had found a tree in the middle of the dark forest that had these objects hanging from its branches. The objects could easily be picked from the tree, and were quickly replaced. Cynthia asked if the students could take her to the tree, and they agreed.

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