The Tech’knowledge’y Tree page 3…Journey to the Tree

The next day Cynthia and her students headed off into the dark forest. After walking for what seemed like forever, the group came out into a clearing. And in the middle of the clearing was the most amazing sight Cynthia had ever seen. An incredibly huge tree towered above her, dark green leaves providing a backdrop for hundreds of glowing lights. Each glowing light was one of the objects she had seen in her students’ hands. Cynthia began shaking with fear. How would the teachers ever be able to control what happened in the great building with such a large amount of objects to be had? Why have the wizards allowed this tree to exist?

Cynthia and the group slowly approached the tree. As they neared, the ground began to shake, and the leaves on the tree began to tremble. The students yelled, turned and ran back into the forest, but Cynthia was frozen in fear. Just when she thought the tree was about to crash down on top of her the shaking stopped, and in front of her was an old woman, dressed in a white gown and glowing just like the objects on the tree.

“Don’t be afraid”, she said. “Come closer.”

Cynthia slowly took one step forward. “Who are you? And what kind of magic is this tree?” she asked.

“This is the Tech’knowledge’y Tree, and I am its guardian,” she replied. “The tree has remained hidden from the wizards in order to protect its fruit. The technology that this tree bears, in the right hands and with the right guidance, can inspire people to be more creative, work together and share their knowledge with others far away.”

“I have appeared to you as I sensed that you are not satisfied with your students learning, and are open to trying new things. Would you like to learn more about technology?” she asked.

Cynthia once again screwed up her courage and said that she would like to learn more. “But where can I find out about these technologies? Who can help me?”

“There are many groups in our land that have already begun collecting information about what technologies are out there and how to possibly use them. I am going to send you to the Library of Technology, where you may meet some of these people and learn from them. Close your eyes and count to 10,” the guardian said as she waved her arms in the air. Light swirled around Cynthia as she felt herself being carried into the sky.

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