The Tech’knowledge’y Tree page 5…Choosing your filters

Cynthia felt herself being whisked back to the Tech’knowledge’y Tree. “That was amazing!” she said. “But what am I supposed to do with all that knowledge?”

“You can start by choosing something that is of interest to you and try using it with your students,” replied the guardian.

“There’s too much. How could I possibly choose?” asked Cynthia.

“Start back at the beginning. What do you love about being a teacher? What do you want for you students? Use that as a filter to help you choose,” said the guardian.

Cynthia paused for a moment to think, and as she did her thoughts and ideas about teaching began to take shape.

philosophy of educationOK, I think I’m ready. I know what I want to do now,” said Cynthia. “Thank you.”

Cynthia headed back to the village, carrying with her a gift of technology from the tree and the knowledge of how to use it. She spent the rest of the day exploring what the technology could do and how she might work it into the lesson the next day.

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