The Tech’knowledge’y Tree page 6…Testing the waters

The next morning Cynthia woke with a sense of excitement. She headed off to the great building and entered her assigned room. The students were already there, sitting in straight rows staring forward.

“Today we are going to do something a little different,” she said. “Does anyone in this room have one of these?” She held up an object the guardian called a smartphone. The students looked around at each other, not sure whether they should admit that they had such a thing. Slowly, some hands began to rise into the air.

“Wonderful!” said Cynthia. “I want everyone to make small groups, no more than four please, and be sure that each group has at least one smartphone.”

The students, after recovering from their initial shock, began to move into groups, whispering to each other. They were unsure of where this was going and not sure what their teacher was up to.

students in groups

Once the groups were settled, Cynthia outlined their assignment, and how they would use technology to complete it. The students began to talk in earnest and became engaged in what they were doing. Cynthia moved around the room and watched what was happening. She couldn’t believe it! Students that were dozing off a few days ago were now leading their groups in learning. It was wonderful!

Cynthia began experimenting with other types of technology. Everything did not always go well. For example, she occasionally came up against barriers when trying out a new technology. She did her best to work around these barriers, but if a solution could not be found she chose a different technology that could complete the task.

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