The Tech’knowledge’y Tree page 7…Inspiring Others

group studyWhat Cynthia did not know was that other teachers were peeking in on her room to see what all the noise was about. Some of the teachers were intrigued, and asked Cynthia to explain what she was doing. She happily talked about the Tech’knowledge’y Tree and how the guardian showed her what technology could do. She even organized trips out to the Tree so they could to see for themselves. Many teachers began to use technology in their rooms, and they were often found in animated discussion after lessons were over, sharing their experiences and learning from each other. These teachers looked to Cynthia for advice, which she was happy to share.

Not all the teachers peeking into Cynthia’s room were happy about what was going on. They liked the old way of doing things; rules were there to keep order and ensure that everything happened the way the wizards said it should. A small group of teachers became concerned about what was happening in their buildings and went to see the wizards. Upon learning about what was going on, the wizards became furious and stormed into Cynthia’s room.

“What is the meaning of this?” they yelled. “There are rules to follow, and you are breaking them. These objects you are using are putting the students in danger. You must stop immediately!”

Cynthia’s first thought was maybe the wizards were right. They had been making the rules for so long – they must know what they are doing. Was she making a big mistake by allowing her students to use technology?

She shook her head. No, she thought. What I’m doing can’t be wrong. I have seen a change in my students. They are excited about learning, and they are creating their knowledge instead of being told what to know. “I will not stop,” she said quietly.

“What did you say?” snarled one of the wizards.

“I will not stop!” she yelled out.

“And neither will we.”

Cynthia looked over at the door to her room. Teachers that had once lurked at her classroom door and now embraced technology were standing there, staring down the wizards.

“We have all seen a change in our students learning. We will not go back to the old way,” the group said.

The students in the room began to stand up and move towards the wizards. “We also will not stop using technology. It is part of us, part of how we learn. We will not give it up,” they said. Many students from other rooms began funneling into Cynthia’s room, and the crowd began to press ever closer to the wizards. Fear appeared in their eyes as they realized they were losing control. As a group, they turned and pushed through the crowd, running out of the room. They were never to be seen again.

The crowd cheered and hoisted Cynthia onto their shoulders. They made their way into the dark forest and found the Tech’knowledge’y Tree once more. The guardian greeted them all, and helped many make the journey to the Library of Technology to learn more about new technologies and how to use them. The clearing around the tree became a popular spot for holding group discussions on the merits of new learning models and technologies. The great buildings became truly great, as places of inspired learning and creativity, where students worked on collaborative projects and connected with others across the land. And there were no more straight rows of seats in bleak rooms with only a dark wall for writing.

glowing tree

The End … or the Beginning?