Gaming Blog Week 2

I spent the week playing Battlefield 1. All of my play was online multi-player. There were a number of reason I chose to play Battlefield 1 for this week of play. When the game came out I was hooked immediately and played for hours. Over the next few months I was consistently amazed by the amount of care that seemed to go into the level design, structure and mechanics of the game. It has always been a solid playing experience. Once the summer rolled around and I became more consumed by work I stopped playing mostly every game I had on the go and Battlefield was no exception. I probably hadn’t played a mach for around 6 months.

Turning on my PS4 and gearing up for Battle was a challenging experience. Trying to play back at the level I was once at was immensely frustrating. My movements were rusty, my knowledge of the maps had deteriorated and dont even get me started on how far my aim drifted off target. The first few hours back in the battle was somewhat nerve wracking. I knew that it would not be an easy few hours ut I was kind of taken aback by how much I sucked.

All things considered it has been great. Ive been making time to sit down and play. I try not to think about it as school work but I have been trying to prioritize it as such. It is such a good feeling, slowly working my way back to where I used to be. My aim using long distance rifles is still garbage but I’m getting back into the zone as far as mid-range weapons are concerned. I find that I still enjoy playing Battlefield and now that I am back into the swing of it I will be spending more time honing the skills.

Getting Started

My methodology for these posts will be as follows:

I will begin the week by choosing what game to focus on. As I enjoy immersing myself into games I will focus on one per week.

I will play the game for the week, taking notes and reflecting on progress.

At the end of the week I will look back at my time spent on the game and reflect for this blog.

I believe at this time I will be able to make an assessment of many aspects of game play.