Good Week Gamed Less

Session one

Still gaming hard at Shadow of War. Its a grind but its fun. I found that I was playing mostly for school purposes. I didn’t feel super engaged with the game this week. I was hiking a lot this week in an attempt to get outside more and in shape for the winter months so gaming took a back seat to that. I still feel relaxed when I’m gaming for the most part. Its interesting to think about now that I am looking into other cultures and their gaming habits how my experiences might be different.

Session two

Woke up this morning and felt like doing nothing all day. I keep trying to play games on my computer but its just too old or im missing some download or somethings not right. I am OK with it because I am not really a computer gamer but its annoying when all I want to do is play StarFox 64 online and I cant figure out how to make it work. Haha yay for being technologically inept. I guess I will just settle for swithcing between Shadow of War, Dreadnought and Netflix for the day. It was a good day. Drank tea, played games, all in all pretty relaxing.

Session 3

Sometimes I find it hard to set aside the time for video games. Now that its something I feel obligated to do for school, I feel as though I should be scheduling it into my day however, gaming has always been something that I just do when I can. This course has been challenging for me and I constantly feel behind. Maybe its just because its online, I’m not sure. Gaming was good this week, nothing huge happened, it was just chill and a good time.

Back to Basics

Session 1

Played Tetris for a few hours (During Class Time and at Home) and played Shadow of War (3 hours at Home)

I find I play video games, a lot of the time, in order to relax. I dont like saying that I use games to “escape” as I dont feel that my life is at a point where I am trying to escape it. The different mindset I can get into playing games has always been appealing to me though. I find that the moments I am sitting down most and turning on my ps4 are times when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Perhaps this is because I have more control in a game than in life. Either way I usually feel better and more level headed after even just a short gaming session. I spent a while this week playing Tetris. I have found that throughout my life it is a constant. It used to be whenever I was bored I would play it. I find that in class I can pay attention better if I am doing things with my hands and Tetris is the perfect thing for that. For such a simple game there is a reason it has stood the test of time as a classic.

Session 2

Played Shadow of War (3 hours at Home)

I have continued to play Shadow of War and its still quite good. Its a testament to the combat systems a that the game is still fun even though it can get quite repetitive. I definitely needed video games this week as I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed with school and social life. They have helped me calm down in certain instances and are a great source of entertainment when I am not feeling up to socializing. I find games in which I can just mow through waves of enemies are a great stress relief. I dont need to worry about a rich story or emotional plot line sometimes. Its good to just have a good time.

Session 3

Played Shadow of War (4 hours at Home)

I have definitely played more hours of games this week than others. It is a good indicator that when I am stressed I definitely fall back into where I feel comfortable. I have spent more hours training (climbing) and gaming than any week prior. I havnt been super social and have found most of my entertainment with gaming. It has helped me relax and get some stuff done. I have actually spent less money this week than I was before due to being home all the time. I am happy that I have accepted gaming back into my life for the winter. Over the summer I tend to game less as I work long hours. I am looking forward to gaming more in the near future.

Totally Unproductive Week

The beginning of this week started out pretty slow with it being Thanksgiving.  I spent the week with family at their home in Vancouver and did not game at all. In fact I didnt do much at all. Just visited with relatives. Upon returning to the island on Thursday I was dealing with some stress and anxiety issues and didn’t get up to much other than trying to get my head back in the right place.


I gamed for around 5 hours yesterday (Friday). I bought the new Shadow of War game and tried to use it as a stress reliever throughout the day. It is a fun game and definitely helped to take my mind off of some of the things that were stressing me out. I think that it shows games can be used for many different purposes when we need them to. It is rare that I buy new games as soon as they come out as I prefer to see how they fare in the community first but I was in need of something to take my mind off other issues.

All in all this week was pretty unproductive for me. The game I have been playing is great, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to kill time. It is easy to get into and just play for hours. The story is strong but it is the combat that is entertaining. I hope that I can get back to form in the coming week as this week has been rough.

Uncharted Lost Legacy

I will be trying something new for my blog. I will be writing after each session and then uploading at the end of the week.


I played the newest addition to the Uncharted franchise. I was a huge fan of the exploits of Nathan Drake and when THe Lost LEgacy was announced as a DLC for Uncharted 4 I had mixed feelings. Honestly, the idea of playing an UNcharted game without Nathan Drake as the protagonist did not give me the highest hopes for the game. THere is an emotional bond that is formed with a main character over time. It was the same as Halo getting rid of Master Chief behind the guns. Needless to say I did not buy The Lost Legacy when is dropped onto the PS Store. I waited until now.

Turning on the game for the first time I was still unsure about what to think. It began with the the same tedious tutorial mission that is so common in games today. Learn how to shoot, duck, and all that great stuff. I wasn’t really blown away. I played for 3 hours, well within the first few missions. Gunning down rebel forces and solving puzzles to get some sweet treasure. It has the same mechanics as all of the Uncharted games that came before it and the game-play is fun but something still feels off.  Maybe I am holding onto the memories a bit too hard but I will try and get into it a bit more.


I was sick all day and as such spent a lot of the day on the couch. Maybe its just because I am feeling under the weather but I am finding this game quite underwhelming. I keep thinking about how stoked I will be when certain games are released in the next few days and I can play those instead. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving actually. I am going to just play games on my phone and see how that goes. Console gaming is great but its not always the most mobile thing in the world. All in all I am not super happy with The Lost Legacy. I am happy I gave it a shot but it didn’t really do anything different or innovative. It just goes to show you that no matter what the content or how compelling a story may be, if a game is repetitive and redundant then you’re better of just leaving it.  Oh well.



All in all this wasn’t an amazing week for gaming. Hopefully the coming week has more to offer.



This week was awesome. I totally failed to choose and play a different game every week but I will try and mix it up in the future. I just kept playing Battlefield 1 online. Especially with the weather getting crappy I was inside a lot this week and found that playing was the way I wanted to spend my time. With more practice I was crawling my way back up the scoreboard and it felt great.

I found that I was looking forward to playing instead of feeling discouraged afterwards. It was great. I felt good and engaged with the flow of the activity. The new maps are sweet too and im super stoked they keep adding to the game. It was awesome to get back into it.

I ended up playing a few hours a day. WE moved the TV downstairs which kind of threw off my aim for a bit and the chair that I have to sit in now is terrible but maybe I can go find a better one somewhere. My fiancee makes fun of me that I care so much about my gaming setup but I find it is necessary to be comfortable. Especially when I am trying to focus I dont want things distracting me. It was a great week though. 🙂