This week was awesome. I totally failed to choose and play a different game every week but I will try and mix it up in the future. I just kept playing Battlefield 1 online. Especially with the weather getting crappy I was inside a lot this week and found that playing was the way I wanted to spend my time. With more practice I was crawling my way back up the scoreboard and it felt great.

I found that I was looking forward to playing instead of feeling discouraged afterwards. It was great. I felt good and engaged with the flow of the activity. The new maps are sweet too and im super stoked they keep adding to the game. It was awesome to get back into it.

I ended up playing a few hours a day. WE moved the TV downstairs which kind of threw off my aim for a bit and the chair that I have to sit in now is terrible but maybe I can go find a better one somewhere. My fiancee makes fun of me that I care so much about my gaming setup but I find it is necessary to be comfortable. Especially when I am trying to focus I dont want things distracting me. It was a great week though. 🙂

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