Uncharted Lost Legacy

I will be trying something new for my blog. I will be writing after each session and then uploading at the end of the week.


I played the newest addition to the Uncharted franchise. I was a huge fan of the exploits of Nathan Drake and when THe Lost LEgacy was announced as a DLC for Uncharted 4 I had mixed feelings. Honestly, the idea of playing an UNcharted game without Nathan Drake as the protagonist did not give me the highest hopes for the game. THere is an emotional bond that is formed with a main character over time. It was the same as Halo getting rid of Master Chief behind the guns. Needless to say I did not buy The Lost Legacy when is dropped onto the PS Store. I waited until now.

Turning on the game for the first time I was still unsure about what to think. It began with the the same tedious tutorial mission that is so common in games today. Learn how to shoot, duck, and all that great stuff. I wasn’t really blown away. I played for 3 hours, well within the first few missions. Gunning down rebel forces and solving puzzles to get some sweet treasure. It has the same mechanics as all of the Uncharted games that came before it and the game-play is fun but something still feels off.  Maybe I am holding onto the memories a bit too hard but I will try and get into it a bit more.


I was sick all day and as such spent a lot of the day on the couch. Maybe its just because I am feeling under the weather but I am finding this game quite underwhelming. I keep thinking about how stoked I will be when certain games are released in the next few days and I can play those instead. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving actually. I am going to just play games on my phone and see how that goes. Console gaming is great but its not always the most mobile thing in the world. All in all I am not super happy with The Lost Legacy. I am happy I gave it a shot but it didn’t really do anything different or innovative. It just goes to show you that no matter what the content or how compelling a story may be, if a game is repetitive and redundant then you’re better of just leaving it.  Oh well.



All in all this wasn’t an amazing week for gaming. Hopefully the coming week has more to offer.


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