Totally Unproductive Week

The beginning of this week started out pretty slow with it being Thanksgiving.  I spent the week with family at their home in Vancouver and did not game at all. In fact I didnt do much at all. Just visited with relatives. Upon returning to the island on Thursday I was dealing with some stress and anxiety issues and didn’t get up to much other than trying to get my head back in the right place.


I gamed for around 5 hours yesterday (Friday). I bought the new Shadow of War game and tried to use it as a stress reliever throughout the day. It is a fun game and definitely helped to take my mind off of some of the things that were stressing me out. I think that it shows games can be used for many different purposes when we need them to. It is rare that I buy new games as soon as they come out as I prefer to see how they fare in the community first but I was in need of something to take my mind off other issues.

All in all this week was pretty unproductive for me. The game I have been playing is great, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to kill time. It is easy to get into and just play for hours. The story is strong but it is the combat that is entertaining. I hope that I can get back to form in the coming week as this week has been rough.

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