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Session 1

Played Tetris for a few hours (During Class Time and at Home) and played Shadow of War (3 hours at Home)

I find I play video games, a lot of the time, in order to relax. I dont like saying that I use games to “escape” as I dont feel that my life is at a point where I am trying to escape it. The different mindset I can get into playing games has always been appealing to me though. I find that the moments I am sitting down most and turning on my ps4 are times when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Perhaps this is because I have more control in a game than in life. Either way I usually feel better and more level headed after even just a short gaming session. I spent a while this week playing Tetris. I have found that throughout my life it is a constant. It used to be whenever I was bored I would play it. I find that in class I can pay attention better if I am doing things with my hands and Tetris is the perfect thing for that. For such a simple game there is a reason it has stood the test of time as a classic.

Session 2

Played Shadow of War (3 hours at Home)

I have continued to play Shadow of War and its still quite good. Its a testament to the combat systems a that the game is still fun even though it can get quite repetitive. I definitely needed video games this week as I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed with school and social life. They have helped me calm down in certain instances and are a great source of entertainment when I am not feeling up to socializing. I find games in which I can just mow through waves of enemies are a great stress relief. I dont need to worry about a rich story or emotional plot line sometimes. Its good to just have a good time.

Session 3

Played Shadow of War (4 hours at Home)

I have definitely played more hours of games this week than others. It is a good indicator that when I am stressed I definitely fall back into where I feel comfortable. I have spent more hours training (climbing) and gaming than any week prior. I havnt been super social and have found most of my entertainment with gaming. It has helped me relax and get some stuff done. I have actually spent less money this week than I was before due to being home all the time. I am happy that I have accepted gaming back into my life for the winter. Over the summer I tend to game less as I work long hours. I am looking forward to gaming more in the near future.

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