Final entry – Mixed Feelings – Many Thoughts

I did not play any video games until the end of the week. I have found this course quite challenging. I swore I would never take another online course but I figured because it was on Video Games I would be interested enough to stay engaged. However, I have found that I let it effect my gaming more than anything else. THe subject matter is interesting and certain reading peeked my curiosity around the subject but I feel into a way of thinking that made me feel as though playing games was homework and in some regards it made playing games less fun.

I have been so busy over the last few weeks that I haven’t had time to sit and think let alone turn on my console. I downloaded the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday and have been playing that. It is nice to be playing a game because I am super stoked on it. Even when I was before I knew that I would have to write about it and thinking about school while gaming kinda sucked. In that regard I am happy that this semester and course are coming to an end. Being as busy as I have been has been stressful and without being able to fall into video games to relieve that stress was a shame.

All in all I feel as though my gaming will be slightly different due to this course. The way I think about progress through games has changed and also the way I perceive myself while playing games. It is interesting that the things we read can change the way wee see the world and ourselves.

Thank you for pushing me and allowing me to open up to this new understanding of the way we game. It will be interesting to see how this knowledge progresses over time. I hope that I can go back to not thinking while I game and that I can regain a little more of the flow that I used to achieve.

Not much of a week

To be honest I dont think I played a single Video Game this week. With the semester coming to a close I have been so focused on getting all of my large assignments done that I was unable to focus on anything else. If there was any week that I wish I could have played games this would have been the one. With my Term Knowledge Quest Looming, Research Papers and a presentation to the Board of Governors I have a lot on my plate right now.

I would have loved to sit in my comfy chair and blow baddies away, or run through hordes of orc, even have a few space battles but unfortunately I cant always allow myself time to do the things that I enjoy so much. Sometimes sitting in front of a laptop all day doesn’t involve gaming.

Hopefully, in 10 days I can turn my PS4 back on and get right back at it but, until then I will be hunched over a keyboard hammering away at pages of text instead. I guess its just a different kind of challenge.

Slow Week But a Fun one

I spent this week going back and playing some games that I hadn’t picked up in a while. I started by playing Dreadnought, which I found was pretty slow after the fast paced games I have been playing recently. I still like the game play and found the game fun and entertaining.

Playing games this week definitely felt like a school assignment as I didn’t really have a lot of free time and had to make sure I got in a few hours for this post.  I definitely see that gaming effects my mood in a good way when I have weeks like this. I would turn my PS4 on feeling as though this was a chore and find an hour or so later that I was enjoying myself and more immersed in the gaming experience.

With all that we have been reading I have been trying not to let it effect my gaming experience by thinking about it differently. I have always enjoyed video games because they allow me to relax or escape whatever I am doing at the moment to enter a new area of consciousness and focus on something else.  I feel as though if I begin to put too much thought into how video games make me feel then I might lose some of the beneficial effects.

After playing Dreadnought I ,deleted Uncharted the Lost Legacy off of my PS4 because there was no way I was going to start playing it again, and played more Wolfenstien. This game is great. I dont think I can ever be in a bad mood again while this game is fresh in my mind. I definitely turn to gaming when times are rough and this one is a great pick me up. Some people use movies, some drink tea but I say mowing down countless enemies with dual wield assault weapons is the way to cheer yourself up. Rock and Roll.

The week seemed long. Maybe it was the lack of class on Monday or the wicked work weekend, either way I am happy it is Monday night and I get to go back to class tomorrow. Having too much free time on my hands is always a burden and I am upset that I didn’t have enough to play more games this week. Next weekend  I have nothing going on so it should be a good one to reflect on my courses and procrastinate with a few solid days of gaming.


Awesome Week with new game

I am just writing the one post this week as it will pertain to the whole weeks worth of gaming. Mostly when I get into a specific game and only play that game for the week it is hard for me to separate sessions in my mind. I will occasionally make note of certain things that stand out for me but that did not happen this week. I downloaded the new Wolfenstein Game; Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

This game is awesome. I have been a fan of the series since I first played the earlier games and the new installment in the series does not disappoint. The game play is very similar to the last game which allowed me to immediately jump back into the story line. The premise of the game is similar and takes place immediately after the last installment. Fighting and killing Nazis on American soil cant help but seem somewhat political in today’s society and it works well for the game. I am sure there will be people out there that consider it a bit on the nose but I really enjoy it.

I have been playing this game for a number of days now and I feel as though it can hold my interest for as long as it needs to. The story line is entertaining and the game play is fun. I find the premise super interesting. As someone that loves history it is always entertaining to think about what could have happened. Walking in the shoes of a bad ass Nazi hunter is not an experience I will ever turn down and I think the studio and creators of this game have made the whole experience awesome.