Awesome Week with new game

I am just writing the one post this week as it will pertain to the whole weeks worth of gaming. Mostly when I get into a specific game and only play that game for the week it is hard for me to separate sessions in my mind. I will occasionally make note of certain things that stand out for me but that did not happen this week. I downloaded the new Wolfenstein Game; Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

This game is awesome. I have been a fan of the series since I first played the earlier games and the new installment in the series does not disappoint. The game play is very similar to the last game which allowed me to immediately jump back into the story line. The premise of the game is similar and takes place immediately after the last installment. Fighting and killing Nazis on American soil cant help but seem somewhat political in today’s society and it works well for the game. I am sure there will be people out there that consider it a bit on the nose but I really enjoy it.

I have been playing this game for a number of days now and I feel as though it can hold my interest for as long as it needs to. The story line is entertaining and the game play is fun. I find the premise super interesting. As someone that loves history it is always entertaining to think about what could have happened. Walking in the shoes of a bad ass Nazi hunter is not an experience I will ever turn down and I think the studio and creators of this game have made the whole experience awesome.

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