Not much of a week

To be honest I dont think I played a single Video Game this week. With the semester coming to a close I have been so focused on getting all of my large assignments done that I was unable to focus on anything else. If there was any week that I wish I could have played games this would have been the one. With my Term Knowledge Quest Looming, Research Papers and a presentation to the Board of Governors I have a lot on my plate right now.

I would have loved to sit in my comfy chair and blow baddies away, or run through hordes of orc, even have a few space battles but unfortunately I cant always allow myself time to do the things that I enjoy so much. Sometimes sitting in front of a laptop all day doesn’t involve gaming.

Hopefully, in 10 days I can turn my PS4 back on and get right back at it but, until then I will be hunched over a keyboard hammering away at pages of text instead. I guess its just a different kind of challenge.

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