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Below is a list of the Centre members and some information about about each:

Julia Hengstler, Chair of the Centre for Education & CyberHumanity, Professor, & Educational Technologist @ VIU Faculty of Education, M.A.(Distributed Learning), Certificate in School Management & Leadership, PDPP, BA

   Research & Publications

   In Media

   On Social Media

Dr. Rachel Moll, Professor @ VIU Faculty of Education, Ph.D.

Research, Publications & Presentations

  • Nielsen, W., Moll, R., Farrell, T., McDaid, N., & Hoban, G. (2013). Social media use among pre-service primary teachers. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 10(8), 3-12.
  • Nielsen, W., Moll, R., & Hoban, G. (2013, June). Social media use among preservice primary teachers for learning science content. A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Victoria, Canada.
  • Moll, R.F., Nielsen, W.S., Hoban, G., & Linder, C. (2012, June). Learning and teaching in the 21st century: Realities and possibilities of social media. A paper presented at the Annual meeting of the Australasian Science Education Research Association, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
  • Moll, R.F., McDaid, N., & Linder, C. (2012, May). Googling physics: Social media and science learning. A poster presented at a Learning and the Brain conference, Washington DC, USA.
  • Moll, R.F., & Hengstler, J. (2012, April). Educating with social media: Policy and practice in British Columbia. A paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Moll, R.F. (2011). Affective learning in playful learning environments: Physics outreach challenges. Children, Youth and Environments, 21(2), 256-270.
  • Moll, R.F. (2011, July). Exploring the use of social media to support teaching and learning physics. A workshop accepted for presentation at the Western Conference of Science Education, London, ON.

Grants & Awards

  • Recipient of research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council  (2011-2014)  to explore how students and teachers are employing social media to learn and to teach physics.
  • Australian Endeavour Executive Award to spend several months in Australia exploring how new technologies are being used in schools.

On Social Media

Dr. Randy LaBonte, Professor @ VIU Faculty of Education, Ph.D. & C.E.O, Canada e-Learning Network

  • Randy LaBonte has been a senior level executive for over 30 years in the education sector, and works and teaches online in the K-12, post-secondary, and corporate training sectors.  His doctoral research led him to take on the role of lead consultant and researcher for seven years at the BC Ministry of Education and he was a member of a team that researched distance education for the Alberta government.  He was central in development of policy, agreements, and e-learning standards as well as led the design and implementation the Quality Review process for BC online K-12 schools.  He presently teaches online courses for Vancouver Island University and recently took on the role of Chief Executive Officer for the Canadian eLearning Network (http://canelearn.net) while continuing his other contract work and studies.

Selected Publications:

  • Graham, L., LaBonte, R., Roberts, V., O’Byrne, I. & Osterhout, C. (2014). Open learning in K-12 online and blended learning environments, in Ferdig, R.E., Kennedy, K., et al. Handbook of research on K-12 online and blended learning. Carnegie Mellon University: ETC Presss. Retrieved from https://www.academia.edu/10311797/Open_Learning_in_K-12_Online_and_Blended_Learning_Environments
  • LaBonte, R. (2012). Quality in e-learning: Engaging learners, in Hirtz, S., Kelly, K. (Eds.) Education for a digital world 2.0. Victoria: Open School BC.
  • LaBonte, R. (2008). Leadership and e-learning: Change processes for implementing educational technologies, in Hirtz, S., & Harper, G.G. (Eds.) Education for a digital world: Advice, guidelines, and effective practice from around the globe. Vancouver: BCcampus.
  • LaBonte, R. (2008). E-learning standards, in Hirtz, S., et.al. (Eds.) Education for a digital world: Advice, guidelines, and effective practice from around the globe. Vancouver: BCcampus.
  • LaBonte, R. (2006). Leading elearning projects in British Columbia schools, in Pasian, B. & Woodill, G. (Eds). Elearning project management: Canadian perspectives. Halifax: CeLEA.
  • LaBonte, R. (2006). Leading the charge for elearning in British Columbia’s high schools, in Pasian, B. & Woodill, G. (Eds). Plan to learn: Case studies in elearning project management. Halifax: CeLEA.


  • Canadian eLearning Network Workshop presentation at the CNIE conference, May 2014 and at the iNACOL Symposium, November 2014
  • Quality Assurance in K-12 Online & Blended Programs Workshop presentation at iNACOL Symposium, November 2012
  • Issues and Trends in Technology-enhanced Education: What’s IT all about?? Keynote presentation for SD 52 (Prince Rupert), September 2012
  • Issues and Trends in 21st Century Education: What’s IT all about? Keynote presentation at Keyano College PD Day, May 2012
  • Quality in eLearning: Engaging Learners Keynote presentation at Royal Roads University, August 2010 & School District No. 73, September 2010
  • Using Moodle: Maximizing Your Time in Online Conferences Co-presentation at Moodle Moot, April 2010
  • Engaging Learners Online: Principles and Practices Online presentation for eCampusAlberta, September 2009
  • Quality in Distributed Learning: How are we doing? Keynote presenter at Tech It Up! Thompson Rivers University, August 2008 and workshop presentation at the Digital Learning April 2009 Conference
  • Use of Video & Web Conferencing Online presentation BCcampus, June 2005
  • Education & Technology: Collision Course? Workshop presentation at the Canadian Association of Distance Educators annual conference, May 2005
  • Leading the Charge for eLearning Workshop presentation at BC Ed Online Conference, April 2005
  • Leading Systemic Change Workshop presentation at Knowplace Online Conference, January, 2005
  • Leading Technology Integration for Improved Learning in BC Workshop presentation at BC Ed Online Conference, May 2004
  • Getting the Most from Online Training: Tips and Techniques for Facilitators and Participants Co-presentation at NewMediaBC e-Learning Special Interest Group, April 2003
  • Engaging Multimodal Learners: Enhancing Expertise Online Co-presentation at Alberta Online Learning Symposium, November 2003
  • Preserving French Culture and Language in Remote Communities through Computer-mediated Learning Technologies Co-presentation at World Call, Banff, May 2003
  • eLearning Alternatives Within the Public Education System Co-presentation at School Choice: Public Education at a Crossroads, University of Calgary, May 2002
  • Beyond the Magic: Technology as a Tool for Knowledge Building Co-presentation at 4th Annual Centre of Distance Education Distance Education Technology 2001 Workshop, UBC, May 2001

On Social Media

Mary O’Neill, Coordinator, OLTD Graduate Diploma Program, & Professor @ VIU Faculty of Education, M.A.(Distributed Learning), Associate of Arts Diploma (Applied Communications)

  • Mary has been with VIU’s Education department since 1991 and has seen the program advance in its integration of technology in all curriculum areas. Mary instructs courses and workshops in instructional technologies and their applications for pre and in-service teachers. She formally instructs  EDPB 531 Instructional Design: Application of Instructional Technologies (Pt. 2) and EDPB 600: Professional Portfolio in our undergraduate Post-Baccalaureate program.
  • She serves as Program Coordinator for the department’s Online Learning & teaching graduate Diploma (OLTD) and instructs OLTD 501: Introduction to Online Learning and OLTD 510: Capstone Learnings. She also acts as liaison for OLTD graduates laddering in to our Masters of Education (Leadership) MEDL degree program.
  • Her  M.A. thesis topic presented an investigation of appropriate mind technologies to support effective online learning within a community context. Other research interests include interface design for learning, information architecture and e-Portfolio.

Breanne Quist, alumna,  M.Ed. (Leadership), OLTD, B. Ed.

   Awards & Honors

  • Qualifying nominee, Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award, 2014/2015 for The Privacy Compass (Final winners yet to be announced)

   Research & Project Development

Kristin Sward, alumna,  M.Ed. (Leadership), OLTD, B. Ed.

  • Teacher & Educational Technology Facilitator, Chilliwack School District (SD 33), BC

   Research, Project & Curriculum Development


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