An Introduction

“when I reach the age wherein / words and books are upside- / down     down as up is a more engaging / proposition than to say they are / one–C-sharp minor whistling at every crossing”

–Robin Blaser, “nomad”

I’ve been a passionate reader since early childhood. I identify with Mor in Jo Walton’s Among Others because I spent my adolescence reading science fiction and fantasy–only I didn’t know any faeries outside of the books I was reading, and I lived in New Westminster, BC. Later, at SFU, I discovered a world of readers, and I was introduced to William Blake and the Romantics, which I pursued in graduate studies at the University of Washington.

I believe English departments cultivate complex literacies and the practice of writing.  My current research focuses on speculative literature—especially the emergence of science fiction and fantasy–and academic writing. Whirling away at the centre of this preoccupation is the imagination, hoax theory, the Gothic, and a fascination with popular culture.