This section captures the work of digital pedagogies in action – in learning environments, in work, in experiences, in life.

Non-Disposable Assignment Series Website
Conceived as a mini course redesign series of workshops, faculty learn about open education and create a non-disposable assignment. Reflections and past projects are included. Michael Paskevicius, Marilyn Funk and Liesel Knaack, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning

Cowichan Intercultural Society Cookbook – Website
A project of an Anthropology Class, this WordPress site gathers recipes and stories from various cultures: Helene Demers, VIU Faculty Member, Anthropology

VIU Orinthology Class AssignmentWebsite
Students in the ornithology course were asked to put together two blog posts for a local bird species of their choice. The first post introduces the species and the second post highlights an area of recent research featuring the bird species. This page provides a portal to the class’ blogs. Eric Demers, VIU Faculty Member, Biology

Ripple Effect Project: Website
meyuqum-thut – like ripples in a pond, the effects of our thoughts spread out far beyond our immediate reach.
The Ripple Project showcases initiatives and collaborations related to Indigenous education at Vancouver Island University. Bringing Indigenous ways of knowing and being into our institutional fabric is necessary and aligns with our greater values. We are moving forward, with care and respect, in a good way. Features: students’ work | community-based programs| teaching and learning practices| Elders’ teaching | reflections from those engaging in the process. Kathleen Bortolin, Maxwell Stevenson, Sylvia Scow, Sharon Hobenshield, Liesel Knaack

Paddle with Ripples, Fuller Lake, Chemainus, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Photo by Liesel Knaack) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Paddle, Fullerton Lake, Vancouver Island, British Coumbia (L. Knaack)