Ideas on How to Assess Lit Circle Meetings

When it came to assessing the lit circle meetings my sponsor teacher had a great simple assessment sheet that I thought I should share.  This assessment sheet was for assessing what the students said regarding their “say something blurb,” at the lit circle meetings.  The one part of the assessment sheet was for a peer to assess them and the other was for them to self-assess.

Peer Assessment


I thought the peer assessment was a great way to assess their “say something blurb,” and often went over very well with the students.  The student that was getting assessed had the option of choosing who would assess them.  The student could also choose the teacher if they felt more comfortable with that option.


For the self-assessment piece, the students would have the opportunity to assess themselves after they had presented their “say something blurb.”  Having them assess themselves left a lot of responsibility in the student to give themselves an honest assessment.  For the most part, I found that the students gave themselves what they deserved.

Dual Entry Journal

The students were also expected to do five dual entry journals for their assigned book.  The dual entry book consisted of one side of the page asking what happened? And the other saying my thoughts on this… and connections.  This was a good opportunity for the teacher to evaluate the work the students were doing.

I also found another assessment sheet online that I thought would be useful.  I will link it here for those who would like to look.

-Breanna 🙂


3 Replies to “Ideas on How to Assess Lit Circle Meetings”

  1. I love seeing the other versions of assessment for Lit. Circles! I also did Lit Circles last practicum and I found it difficult to have diversity in my assessment. Do you have any ideas on what to do for students who have low literacy and how you would assess them?

    1. Yes, that is a challenging part. I think that would be the next step I would have to look at. My last sponsor teacher just had the same assessment for every student.

  2. Its nice to have a really clear vision on how to try out Lit Circles in the class room. I wanted to know more about Lit Circles last year but the opportunity to try it out just didn’t arise. The assessment piece is so important and I liked that you included various methods of doing this. Language arts is still scary for me so its so nice to have your posts as resources for when we start. The more options of things to try the better I will feel going into it! Thanks!

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