Student vs. Teacher Directed STEAM

Hello all,

After some preliminary research I have found 3 main aspects of STEAM that I would like to focus on for my inquiry project.

  1. Should STEAM be primarily teacher directed or student directed?
  2. What are helpful classroom management strategies to assure a STEAM project is a success?
  3. How can STEAM projects be assessed?

This blog post will focus on number 1 ‘should STEAM be primarily teacher directed or student directed’. Upon further research I realised there is no one clear answer to this question. STEAM can be structured on a spectrum, with teacher directed on one end and student directed on the other. How you structure these projects may be dependent on many things, perhaps you are working with a high energy class that needs a bit more structure, or perhaps you want to give students as little guidance as possible to see what they can come up with independently.

Below is an article about student led STEM (comparable to STEAM).

Why losing control of your classroom is a good thing

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  1. Awesome Topic Jill! I find this particularly helpful as my teacher is super into STEAM this year and I didn’t do a lot of it last year in practicum so this area is a little new to me. I really like your guiding questions especially the one about student vs teacher directed. I liked how you made a point to acknowledge different classroom contexts will vary and that determines if your STEAM lessons will be more student led or teacher led. I also look forward to learning more about assessment of STEAM! I cant wait to learn more!

  2. This seems like a really fun topic to get into in a classroom! I would love to try more things out that may be a bit hectic. I tried a STEM project out in last years practicum that I thought went so bad, but my sponsor teacher said it was good to have it go a little sideways. Im glad losing control of your classroom can be seen as a good thing!

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