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Step 4: Assessment

When thinking about assessment with Genius Hour, it can easily become an overwhelming feeling. You don’t want your students to have artificial motivation like grades to make them fit their Genius Hour projects fit into a box. But you also… Continue Reading →

Step 3: Research/Create

  The research/ create phase of Genuis Hour forces us as teachers to let go. We have to let go of the idea that we have to be the teacher at all times. It allows students to drive their passions… Continue Reading →

Step 2- The Pitch

The pitch stage of Genius Hour may look different depending on how you want to manage it and how much autonomy you are able to give to the students. If you are trying to link it to the curriculum directly… Continue Reading →

Step 1-InSpIrE

To show you what I am learning about Genius Hour I have broken it down into 4 steps: Step 1: INSPIRE STAGE. What is Genius Hour/ How can you start implementing it? Step 2: THE PITCH–> Driving Question Step 3:… Continue Reading →

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Hi friends! You will find throughout my blog I will be sharing my journey of inquiry with Genius Hour. Genius Hour is a program where students are in control of their own learning and passions. I am exited to share… Continue Reading →

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