Incorporating mindfulness

As a teacher you know that every child is different. Every child learns differently, and every child will feel differently throughout the day. A great starter activity for each day when the students come in at the bell is to have them sit on top of their desks, criss cross apple sauce, having them take deep breaths. Talking to them about how today is a different and new day, anything that happened yesterday doesn’t matter anymore, we start fresh. Walking them through what their day is going to look like (reading the day plan) is an excellent way to knock down some of the anxiety some students may have about not knowing what they are doing.  This simple step at the beginning of each day can help to calm students down from whatever they have brought into the classroom with them.

Other ways to incorporate mindfulness into your classroom may be:

taking a mindful break: this can be anything from a quick stand up and stretch break, or a go noodle dance break. Breaking up the times that students are sitting in their desks for so long is an awesome way for kids to become present again in what they are learning.

mindful listening: my favourite mindful listening task is the dinging of a bell. You start off by telling students to close their eyes and focus on their breathing, you ring the bell and let it run out. Before the second time that you ring the bell, you tell your students to try and listen to the sound for as long as they can hear it.

checking in with your attention: throughout the day while you are teaching, be able to stop your class in the middle of a lesson and have students check in with their attention. Ask students: are you paying attention? Was your mind wandering? If so, where did it wander to? Be sure to let your students know that your mind can wander and it is a normal thing.

mindful ending: leaving a little time at the end of each day for a mindful moment can be great for closures. Have students think about what they have learned or what they have accomplished, and giving them time for their systems to calm down before the bell rings.

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